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特別主題:Diseases and Global Warming

施柏榮/是什麼讓我們進入瘟疫時代? 全球化、環境破壞與新型冠狀病毒


暖化恐讓冰層毒菌湧出 地球將重現大瘟疫暖化恐讓冰層毒菌湧出%E3%80%80地球將重現大瘟疫-vzXDl5


How coronavirus impacts climate change with emissions reductions


Will Climate Change Unleash More Animal Viruses on Humans?


This Is How Global Warming Affects the Transmission of Diseases


There are Diseases Hidden in Ice and They are Waking Up


Climate change and health


Climate change may accelerate infectious disease outbreaks, say researchers

Study of natural disaster in Ecuador showed 12-fold increase in Zika cases


How Climate Change Is Exacerbating the Spread of Disease


Academic Research:

The Effect of Global Warming on Infectious Diseases


Review on global warming and disease dynamics


One Health, emerging infectious diseases and wildlife: two decades of progress?

(note: not relate to climate change but worth reading!)

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