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Shark Cartilage Supplements Put to the Test to Cure Cancer


Can Sharks Get Cancer? (Yes!)


10 Facts About Great White Sharks


How severe are shark population decreases, and how do we know?





Safeguard the Seas


International Shark Finning Bans and Policies


Government of Canada bans shark finning (news release June 20, 2019)


H.R.81 - Shark Conservation Act of 2009 (U.S.)


Peter Benchley at the Shark Research Institute


The Terrifying Truth About Sharks | Graham Buckingham | TEDxKingstonUponThames


Peter Benchley the author of Jaws talked about Shark protection!


  • Why the author of ‘Jaws’ wished he never wrote it


  • Peter Benchley talks 'Jaws' on Greater Boston in 2004






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